This is a goodbye note!

I created in 2006. It’s been a great 12 years. First, I created it to keep my favorite smileys in one place, so I could use them in all forums. Yes, those good old days of Internet forums! Although new type of Social Media killed them all, but I still think forums are great places to share, store and to seek knowledge.

But anyway, later, many people also found my website useful, so more and more people started to use it and to share it together. Felt great!

Pic4ever was a very small website, regarding disk space usage. But since all those little smileys were downloaded millions of times daily, this, created a great pressure on any webserver that I used. I had to switch from shared webhosts to dedicated servers.

As pic4ever’s visitors grew, so did the costs of keeping it online. Showing clean advertisements on the website returned only a part of my payments for dedicated servers and CDN providers.

I asked for help. I assumed, probably many of my returning visitors love this little website, so they wouldn’t mind helping me to keep it alive with small donations.

But believe it or not, no-one helped. Except for one person, who donated 10 dollars or so, no-one else paid any attention to my help requests. Later I tried to sell the website, and guess what, no-one else wanted to buy it either.

But I got emails from people who asked me to keep it alive. They said that they enjoy the website and are using it daily. Although none of these kind visitors did help me, but I assumed I can keep it online with payments out of my pocket, just to make others happy, just to do some good in the world. But I guess there’s an end to everything, and at certain point, one needs to let go!

Again, it’s been a great 12 years.

Thank you all,


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